Abstract art is honest. Each viewer brings their own thoughts, memories, and experience into it. When not confined to a specific subject or theme I find myself free to reflect the unknown and transcribe pure emotion. My aim is to challenge the timeless conversation of ‘what is art?’.

What is the value and worth of Art in Society?

Born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Kevin Glass fit nicely into his role as the artist of the family— constantly drawing from a young age, and undertaking private training in watercolor from age ten. He fell in love with painting and continued to practice the craft, earning full tuition art scholarships and eventually studying at the University of Maine, Orono. Kevin’s experience in Maine was very positive in shaping his future and style.

Kevin met his wife Nicole early in his Sophomore year at Maine, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Together the two formed an instant chemistry after a love-at-first-sight introduction as part of a dorm sponsored “Dating Game”. During his late night studio sessions, Nicole would act as his “clean hands” assistant, and his printmaking editions benefited greatly; they would otherwise not have looked half as good.

Pursuing his Masters in Fine Art at Ohio University, Athens, Kevin was also awarded an academic scholarship in addition to a fellowship that fully covered tuition and expenses. This allowed him free rein to focus solely on teaching and producing artwork. While a significantly different vista than New England, the University’s location on the border of West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains provided breathtaking landscape; one that spurred Kevin and Nicole to get out and see the world nursing their shared love for travel.

Producing large scale and installation based work alongside teaching, these two years of graduate work encapsulated what he loved most in life. Kevin finished up his Masters program and married Nicole in 1994 as they relocated to start the next chapter of their lives in Chicago. The two will celebrate their 25th anniversary in June 2019.

Chicago fondly holds the spot of their favorite city. Despite not knowing a soul there, Kevin and Nicole quickly fell in love with the city and all it had to offer. Jumping head first into their careers out of necessity to pay the bills, it was soon understood that there wouldn’t be real time to engage in the level of artwork Kevin knew at Ohio University. Together, they made a plan to work diligently to make an early retirement, so Kevin could retire young to focus on art once again unfettered by financial worry.

The couple had their first child, Benjamin while living in downtown in 2000. While they were far from their families back east, Kevin’s business career was fast-tracked and he had his eye on upward movement within his company’s management structure. Family was ultimately more important, and they made plans to relocate back to Boston so their son could grow up with his grandparents. Leaving Chicago in 2005 was retrospectively the right choice, but Kevin and Nicole have always felt their part from the city was premature; and made a pact to someday return.

In 2005 Kevin’s second child Andrew was born, and he first met Jeff Stevens; who would eventually become Kevin’s best friend and business partner. Mutually understanding that their complimentary skills would create a force to be reckoned with, Jeff’s technological expertise and Kevin’s sales ability ensured success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Starting their own business in 2007 while the nation was in the throughs of economic and financial distress, their legal services tech company benefited from the team’s diligent leadership. Assisting lawyers with the processing and hosting of documents, digital files, and email involved legal cases, the business did well from the start and continued to grow— at the cost of many all-nighters and good old fashioned hard work.

As a result of year over year growth, the two made a name for themselves throughout Boston’s legal industry. Known for premium services and the ability to work larger cases at levels bigger organizations could not, the company hired additional employees and made their first acquisition, Flex Discovery, in 2015; giving the Boston based company a Chicago location and setting the stage for more outside capital.

By the end of 2017 both Kevin and Jeff completely stepped away from the day to day business they built from the ground up. Kevin, Nicole, and Jeff had achieved their goal through hard work, risk, and dedication. Kevin and Nicole relocated to Sarasota Florida in 2019 to spend their days in a more welcoming climate. They also maintain a Chicago condominium because of their love for that city and their ties there. Their oldest son Benjamin is following the creative path as a student at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Ben like his father, earned a full scholarship for his work; in this case, in experimental film-making. Andrew their youngest is a talented actor, and a dedicated boarding student at The Walnut Hill School for the Arts in theater. Now within his element once again, Kevin is prolifically making art once again re-inspired, and invigorated by his newfound freedom from the business world.

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